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HTML::Index is a set of modules for creating an index of HTML documents so that they can be subsequently searched by keywords, or by Boolean combinations of keywords. It was originally inspired by script in the O'Reilly "CGI Programming with Perl, 2nd Edition" book (

All storage operations are contained in the HTML::Index::Store module that can be subclassed to support other storage options (such as BerkeleyDB files, or SQL databases). One such subclass (HTML::Index::Store::BerkeleyBD) is included in the distribution.

The modules can be used to index any HTML documents - whether stored as files, or in a database. They support the use of stopword lists, soundex searches, compression of the inverted indexes using Compress::Zlib, and re-indexing of documents that have changed. A CGI search interface, which can be customized using on HTML::Template templates, is also provided. Search queries can be expressed as compound Boolean expressions, composed of keywords, parentheses, and logical operators (OR, AND, NOT).


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